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run test_urllib2net when network resources are not enabled. Bpo-3068: Add Idle extension configuration dialog to Options menu. (See also: bpo-9015) bpo-9642: Uniformize the tests on the availability of the mbcs codec, add a new have_mbcs define. Bpo-15463: The faulthandler module truncates strings to 500 characters, instead of 100, to be able to display long file paths. Bpo-16235: Implement python-config as a shell script. Guillo is a living hollow puppet with a very masculine personality, yet is also clad in high heels and has breasts.

See for how to run Idle tests. Tick_counter field Fix macro expansion of _PyErr_occurred and make sure to use it in at least one place so as to avoid regressions. Prevent a regular multi-close of the /dev/null fd when any of stdin, stdout and stderr was set to devnull. Bpo-13273: fix a bug that prevented htmlparser to properly detect some tags when strictFalse.

Unpickler to not fail when loading empty strings as persistent IDs. Patch by Erik Bray. "Lets wrestle to submission! Urlopen will accept a context object (sslcontext) as an argument which will then used be for https connection. Bpo-5713: smtplib now handles 421 (closing connection) error codes when sending mail by closing the socket and reporting the 421 error code via the exception appropriate to the command that received the error response. Since Xcode 4 no longer install SDKs in default locations, extension module builds now revert to using installed headers and libs if the SDK used to build the interpreter is not available. Retrieved December 8, 2017. Bpo-12283: Fixed regression in smtplib"ng of leading dots in data. Utils to provide an aware local datetime for use in setting Date headers. They are currently not set by import as they are meant for use by importlib. Bpo-15030: PycLoader now supports the new source size header field.pyc files. Bpo-12798: Updated the mimetypes documentation.

Patch by Mher Movsisyan. Bpo-16537: Check whether self.

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