Firex fadc 230 smoke alarm manual

firex fadc 230 smoke alarm manual

down from the stub wall ceiling at least 60 cm (24 inches or coming up from the floor). Drill holes (for wall or ceiling only) and insert supplied screw plugs into holes until flush with wall or ceiling. Connect smoke alarms to a single AC branch circuit. DO NOT install smoke alarms: Near appliances or areas where normal combustion regularly occurs (kitchens, near boilers, hot water heaters). Connect blue wire from connector plug of smoke alarm to neutral (black or blue) mains power wire. N I, n G, aC smoke alarms require constant 230V AC, 50Hz power to operate properly. See the alarm removal instructions for details. We recommend interconnecting smoke alarms so that when one smoke alarm senses smoke and sounds its alarm, all others will sound as well.

If local codes do not per- mit, be sure the neutral wire is common to both phases. Turn clockwise to lock into. Any home requires a minimum of two smoke alarms. BB code urlmlAlarms Kidde Firex fadc20004001A user's manuals in pdf/url.

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The LEDs indicate the following: green LED. Smoke may not reach the smoke alarm quickly enough to ensure safe escape. 1 Install a smoke alarm in every room and on every level of the home. Homeowners and renters should insure their lives and property. Others are caused by carelessness or safety hazards. This smoke alarm is designed to be used inside a single family household only. FOR best protection, IT IS recommended that YOU fedex international courier near me instalmoke alarm IN every room In addition, it is recommended that all smoke alarms be interconnected. Turn off power at the main fuse box or circuit breaker by remov- ing the fuse or switching the circuit breaker to the OFF position and securing it! Any size home requires fitting a minimum of two smoke alarms. Do not interconnect smoke alarms from one individual family living unit to another. This smoke alarm should be installed only by a qualified electrician.

firex fadc 230 smoke alarm manual

Firex model, fADC, AD, ADC, PAD or FX1218 smoke alarms, and as many. Firex model ADH heat alarms for a total of not more than 18 interconnected devices. Firex, i240C Use r s Ma nual. Download Operation users manual of, firex, fADC230, smoke Alarm for Free or View it Online. This version of, firex, fADC230, manual compatible with such list of devices, as: GC240, I240C, PAD240, PAR230, PG240.